Shoo Disinfectant Spray (250ml)
Shoo Disinfectant Spray (250ml)
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Shoo Natural Odour Remover & Disinfectant Spray, Fresh Lavender

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Pet Safe Odour / Stain Remover & Disinfectant Spray 
Available in 250ml

Product of Sweden

100% Natural | Green Product | Fresh Lavender Scent | Effective Yet Gentle | Essential for Households with Toddlers and Pets.

Product Details

Having pets is one of the greatest joys, however cleaning up after our fur kids can sometimes be a dampener, especially when you also have human kids at home.  

At times our fur kids fall ill and are unable to visit the potty in time; sometimes they are being naughty and trying to seek your attention when your lifestyle or schedule has changed; most other times having a pet at home means you have to put up with unpleasant smells from the litter box, pee tray or other pet areas around your home.

Introducing Shoo to the rescue. Shoo is a pet safe odour / stain remover & disinfectant spray that is 100% Natural, and a Green Product. It gently cleans and disinfects effectively, removes strong odours and stains, including stubborn pee stains, all while being child and pet safe! You can depend on Shoo to keep bacteria away.

Shoo can be used on different surfaces. Textiles (e.g. clothes, blankets, sofas, beds and carpets), floors, windows, food bowls, baby cot, baby car booster seat, toilet seats, litter boxes, cages, carry cot and territory marking sites.

Shoo is safe, as it is alkaline; it is not harsh or abrasive on your skin. Shoo is harmless to children and animals. It does not have any negative impact on plastic or metal. Shoo is also biodegradable.

Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

12/02/2018 "Finally here... Shoo Spray Spray & Odour. The best among all products which i ever tried. Very Good & Love the smell also. RECOMMENDED." - Haslyn Rahman, Singapore


  • use SHOO directly from the bottle.
  • Removing fresh odour/stain (such as urine/coffee etc): Spray generously over the affected area and use a kitchen paper towel to absorb the sprayed affected area. Repeat several times until the stain is gone and let it dry. Washing is not required.
  • Removing Odour: Spray directly onto the affected areas.
  • As a Disinfectant: Spray directly on surfaces.
  • Cleaning of floors: 1 capful (50ml) to 1 litre of water.
  • Machine Wash: Add 50-100ml together with laundry detergent to the head/prewash. 

Keep out of reach of children and pets. For external use only. Keep out of eyes and do not swallow. Discontinue use immediately if skin irritation occurs.

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