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Briopets is simply amazing! Super efficient and friendly with quick replies.

Audrey Chen

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Thank you briopets for providing solution for Joey ! His skin condition has become better with Bosch dog food. Good thing he loves the flavour too!

Jessica Kho

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Hassle free, fast, great savings and friendly service! Highly recommended!

Hasfarela Husain

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I am greatly pleased with the results of what Briopets have recommended. They are very helpful and you can always seek for their advise if you need any recommendations for your lovely companions.

Elaine Seow

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Extremely speedy in delivery of hay - usually within 1-2 days! Hay is fresh, green and nice smelling, my rabbits love it very much!

Huijia C

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I've been ordering Sanabelle Outdoor to feed community cats for the last 6 months and I can see a huge improvement in their skin and coat! Love the work that Briopets does for CSR! Will purchase from here again :)


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brioPets Singapore - The Best Pet Food & Supply Online Store

brioPets, the best online pet store in Singapore, has a wide assortment of pet food and supplies, with free delivery in Singapore with minimum spend!

brioPets offers pet food online in Singapore for cats, dogs, and small animals.

The collection of food and supplies for dogs gives you the chance to shop for only high-quality, healthy, and organic dog food and snacks.

bosch food for dogs is German-made, highly nutritious food with a broad array of meals for puppies, adults, and senior dogs, as well as for all breed sizes. If your dog is allergic or sensitive to gluten and other allergens, go with bosch’s HPC Sensitive made specially for dogs with digestive system issues.  

Besides food, brioPets pet supplies Singapore carries supplies for your dog’s dental, ear, eye care and grooming needs. Lila Loves It is a brand dedicated to the sensitive care of pets, and their bundles are especially useful for dogs with long, thick fur.

brioPets collection for cats is just as rich as the one for dogs. It includes basic cat starter kits as well as food and treats for cats of all ages. If your cat’s health is jeopardized and in need of special food, brioPets’ assortment includes a sensitive line.

Apart from food, you can also discover various litters, litter boxes, and litter bundles. They are very efficient at absorbing liquids and odours instantly.

Hair & Skin care line can also be found in the collection, as well as dental care and paw care supplies.

If you own a small animal such as a rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla, you will find all you need in brioPets’ small animal collection.

Pellets, hay, and electrolytes which help to replenish fluid for a stressful pet is only a part of the wide range of food for small animals. Cute, small crocks are ideal for feeding tiny animals, and if they ever lack vitamins, you can try the probiotic paste specifically developed for them.