Sanabelle Snack Pollack & Figs

Sanabelle Snack Pollack & Figs

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Sanabelle Snack Pollack & Figs

Tasty Treats, benefits eyesight, cardiac function, coat and skin.

Produced in Germany

Certified premium producer in Baden-Wuerttemberg 

Available size pack with ZIP closure

At a Glance

Soft snack treat | High meat content (88%) | Grain-free | Suitable for nutritional Sensitivities or allergies | Strengthens eyesight and cardiac function | Support glossy coat and healthy skin. 

Product Details

Your feline friend will simply adore these soft mini sticks! Sanabelle Snack are available in 4 delicious flavours that combine juicy meat with fruit. Why not try them all!

  • Sanabelle Snack Lamb & Elder

  • Sanabelle Snack Duck & Pomegranate

  • Sanabelle Snack Trout & Cranberry 

  • Sanabelle Snack Pollack & Fig

These snacks have a soft texture, and a very moist consistency owing to its high moisture content (about 28%). They contain a high meat content (88%, including 20% fresh chicken & 8% salmon) and are completely free from any grains! This makes these tasty treats also perfect for cats with nutritional sensitivities or allergies.

Sanabelle Snack Cat Sticks are 1.5cm long and are perfectly sized; feed them as a reward or as a snack between meals! These cat sticks are also enriched with functional ingredients to offer extra benefits for your cat; the added taurine helps to strengthen your cat’s eyesight and cardiac function, whereas the salmon oil contains unsaturated fatty acids support a glossy coat and healthy skin.

Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

15/11/19 | Cats go crazy for them 
"Without doubt the tastiest meaty sticks according to my 3 cats, and the small pieces mean you can use less, and it means they don't drag whole sticks into a corner growling..." Ros

08/06/18 | Is there an AA for cats? 
"6 out of my 7 cats like these & 4 of them have a major problem over them where they will try to climb my legs if I don't open the packet quick enough. The rustle of the packet is enough to get them in for the night, even on a glorious summer evening." - Dib

22/06/16 | Excellent 
"when I can not find my cat....... Just shake it...... Outside as well..... Effect in 5-10 second...... Cat is siting on my feet looking at me with love and following snacks with crazy eyes......" - Barbara 

14/01/16 | Very good 
"Instantly a favourite of our cat and his owners as it is sugar-free. Handy size, saves breaking up a stick. Good as a limited treat and training aid." - nta16


Meat and animal by-products (84%* in total, thereof 20% fresh chicken), fish and fish derivatives (8% pollack), minerals, fruits (1% figs dehydrated), derivatives of vegetable origin (thereof 0.05% yucca dehydrated).

* thereof 67% lean meat

Even with the utmost care in the manufacture and packaging of our products, traces of other animal protein sources or (gluten-containing) cereals cannot be completely excluded.