Lila Loves It Vegan Double-Sided Dog Brush

Lila Loves It Vegan Double-Sided Dog Brush

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2 in 1, for all rounded grooming of dogs

Easily removes dirt, detangles the fur and gives the coat a silky shine

Rounded metal tines detangle long hair, vegan agave bristles care for short fur

Skin, connective tissue, and muscles are gently massaged

Handmade with great care in the Black Forest, one of the last brush manufacturers in Germany 

FSC Certified

At a glance

Suitable for short and long coats | Provides massage & wellness experience

Product details

Our VEGAN DOUBLE-SIDED DOG BRUSH made of oiled beech wood has two different sides, ideal for grooming different types of coats: The rounded metal pins glide effortlessly through long, thick hair, and untangle knots without pulling. The vegan agave bristles reliably remove dust and lend shine to coats of all lengths. 

Meticulous coat care is essential, especially during shedding season and when there is increased exposure to pollen and fine dust. The brush comes with a cord for convenient storage on the coat rack. This way it is immediately at hand for quick cleaning after a walk. 


Brush the coat with gentle pressure in the direction of coat growth, weekly or daily depending on the dog’s needs. Preferably in a relaxed setting.


Our brushes are super easy to clean with the specially designed BRUSH CLEANER. This traditional tool reliably removes hair and felt nodules with its prongs, even those accumulating around bristles. Easy to use, effective, handy. Indispensable for brushes that are meant to last a dog’s lifetime.


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