Cateco® Litter Box
Cateco® Litter Box
Cateco® Litter Box
Cateco® Litter Box
Cateco® Litter Box
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Cateco® Litter Box

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Clinically proven to be odour-proof, self-drying 

Available in colours: Blue, Orange & Gray

Size: 56L x 44W x 22H cm

Product of Canada

World's Most ODOUR-PROOF | FUSS-FREE | Air circulation TECHNOLOGY | DRY at ALL TIMES | Drastically reduce harmful bacteria and odour by 86%

Product Details

The Cateco® Litter Box’s “Convactive" Technology naturally eliminates humidity by allowing air to circulate through the litter of your cat area and prevents bacteria and fungus from proliferating and creating malodorous gases by halting the biochemical process that creates ammonia before it even begins.

The odour-fighting Convactive Technology in Cateco® is passive and lets air do all the work, which means the Cateco® controls odours naturally, without batteries or motors, without vibrations or noise and without potentially harmful chemical additives. The results are a verifiable odour-reduction of up to 86%. Clinically proven tests were conducted in an ISO 17025 laboratory. 

A dryer environment promotes clumps that are dryer, more compact and that use less litter. It also greatly reduces the need for complete cleanings (and considerable wastes of litter) in the litter box. Complete cleanings of the litter box is only needed once every 3 months if you are using a high-end clumping litter such as Canada Litter, thereby prolonging lifespan of cat litter by 50% and saving you Significant time and money.

When using Canada Litter with Cateco Litter Box, the cost of litter is only $7- 12 per cat, per month. 

With Cateco it is Puuuurrrfect!

More Cuddles | Less Troubles | Huge Savings in cost and time 

Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

01/09/17 | This Is the BEST by FAR Litter BOX EVER! Cat Loves It!
"It is Genius to design a "Liquid Pass Thru Tray"...No More Clumps Stuck to Box, No More Scrapping litter off the sides of box or wet sticky litter. This Box is Fantastic...... If you have an indoor cat..this box is the ONLY way to go." - FJTrafton, United States 

24/03/17 | They LOVE this litter box
"I have 4 litter boxes for 4 cats. They LOVE this litter box. They don't even use the others with fresh litter. I just recently Fixed the screen, cleaned it up all nice. Very easy to do. Something about this box that they love. I do recommend making sure to clean the bottom tray of course. I am going to get rid of the others and buy 2 more. Cats love this for real" - christine davis, United States

21/04/16 | Insanely Great Odor Control!

"Paws down, this is the BEST litter box I have ever purchased. It works exactly like they advertise. Odor is next to none when properly maintained. I've had the box a year (pre-ordered it and waited for it to come to market) and think it is the most effective pet product in existence. You will have no regrets after buying this box." - Sharpie, United States

23/12/16 | Remarkable odor eliminating litter box!!
"'s by far the best we've found for odor control and I think we've tried every box and litter combination there is! ......... Since changing to this box and litter, we have had ZERO lingering odor. When the cat poops, we can still smell it if we're home of course, but if we aren't home, the odor is gone by the time we arrive..... Truly amazing. This unique design is an awesome concept with great execution and quality materials. The airflow through the box makes odors virtually non-existent once the initial olfactory assault of "oh geez, the cat is pooping" is gone...and that is for poop. We haven't had a single whiff of a smell from urine." - Rcares 


  1. Remove bottom section from top section.
  2. Line it with a Dry-Pad and place it below the top section.
  3. Ensure aerator is properly fixed in place with retaining strips in the top section.
  4. Install Extension accessory.
  5. Pour litter into box, making sure it reaches or exceeds indicator line, and level the litter.


  • Scoop out clumps daily.
  • Replacing equivalent litter that you removed.
  • Always ensure top section contains enough litter.
  • Check bottom section for liquids on a regular basis. Change Dry-Pad if soiled.


Aaahh... Cut down on the odour, cut down on the spending: enjoy a truly odour-free home and much less frequent maintenance!

We recommend that you clean your Cateco Litter Box only every 3 months! If you're using absorbing litter, you'll notice a prolonged life-span for your litter, sometimes using it up to 50% longer! When performing a full maintenance, we suggest that you replace the Aerator mesh at the bottom of the top section of your Cateco Litter Box.

Recommended types of litter

Use a high-quality clumping or absorbing litter. Both clay and plant-based litters are acceptable and include silica crystals, walnut, corn, etc.

Avoid large, slow-absorbing wood pellets and recycled newspaper litters: their absorption properties and density are not suited to Cateco's technology. 


Sold Separately:

DRY-PAD - Use in the lower section of your Cateco to absorb excess liquids

Aerator Mesh Replacements - Designed to keep litter in the Cateco®’s upper section while letting air and moisture flow. 

Height Extension - Keep litter scattering and other unspeakable messes at bay, adding over 15 centimetres to the height of the walls of your Cateco®!

Scoop - Sifts litter more efficiently 


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