Cateco® Dry Pads (10 pack)

Cateco® Dry Pads (10 pack)

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Simple FUSS-FREE maintenance

Available in pack of 10 units

Product of Canada

Designed for Cateco®

Product Details

Designed to make the cleaning and maintenance of your Cateco® Litter Box as simple as possible!

Use a Dry-Pad instead of litter in the lower section of your Cateco® Litter Box and simply change it every 3-4 days or when soiled.

Each package contains 10 units.

With Cateco it is Puuuurrrfect!

More Cuddles | Less Troubles | Huge Savings in cost and time

Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

15/10/16 | Five Stars
"good product for the litter box with air drying in the bottom. fits good and is easily installed"


02/12/16 | Extremely efficient with the Cateco litter box! "Extremely efficient with the Cateco litter box! Way simpler now that I use this!"


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