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Cateco® Aerator Replacements (2 pack)
Cateco® Aerator Mesh Replacements
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Cateco® Aerator Mesh Replacements

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Each pack comes with 2 pieces

Made in Canada

At a glance

Designed for Cateco Litter Box | Optimises air and moisture flow | Keeps litter box dry | Durable, puncture-proof nylon mesh

Product Details

A vital component of the Cateco Litter Box’s Convective technology, the Aerator Mesh is designed to keep litter in the upper section while letting air and moisture flow. This allows air circulation into the litter box thus naturally eliminating the humid environment necessary for bacteria growth.

The Cateco Aerator Mesh prevents dust from getting to the lower section of the Cateco Litter Box while allowing air to freely circulate in the box, keeping the litter box dry.

It is tear and puncture-proof, making Cateco Aerator Mesh durable and lasting .

Use these replacements in the unlikely event that you need to replace a damaged Aerator or if you simply want to make your Cateco Litter Box new again!


Empty the litter box following the supplied instructions. Unclip the retaining strips. Take off the old aerator and replace it with a new one. Put the retaining strips into place. 

We recommend cleaning the whole unit at the same time. Always wash your hands after cleaning the cat litter box.


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