bosch Sammy’s Tooth Stick
bosch Sammy’s Tooth Stick
bosch Sammy’s Tooth Stick
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bosch Sammy’s Tooth Stick

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Available in 300g

Made in Germany

At a glance

To actively support the oral hygiene | Daily dental care | Low in fat (25 kcal per piece) | Grain-free* | Made gently and with lots of love | 100% compostable packaging

Product Details

For an irresistibly bright smile on your furry friend. 

The shape of Sammy's flexible dental stick encourages your dog to chew, food residue can be removed and tartar formation can be prevented. With daily feeding, the formation of plaque and new tartar can be reduced. The delicious, low-fat chewing snack for large and small dog snouts is produced gently without the addition of sugar - perfect for daily dental care. 

*Even with the greatest care in the manufacture and packaging of our products, traces of other animal protein sources or cereals (containing gluten) cannot be ruled out.


Wheat flour, potato starch glycerin (vegetable), pork protein (dried), minerals (including 0.6% sodium hexametaphosphate), cellulose, protein hydrolyzate.

Analytical Components

Convertible energy 278 kcal/100 g (11.63 MJ/kg), moisture 22.0%, protein 8.5%, fat content 2.0%, crude fiber 1.0%, crude ash 5.6%.


Technological Additives 

Antioxidants, Preservatives.



Your dog's ideal weight

Snacks per day

2.5 - 15.0kg

0.5 - 3 pieces

15.0 - 30.0kg

3 - 5 pieces

15.0 - 30.0kg

5 - 8 pieces

Please include the addition of our snacks in the total daily ration of your dog. This information is a guide. Individual needs depend on factors such as age, breed, activity level and housing conditions. Drinking is important! Please always provide fresh water. 


Store cool and dry. Do not store near cleaning agents, medicines and other things with a pungent smell.


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