bosch Fruitees Roe Deer & Cranberry

bosch FSC Fruitees Roe Deer & Cranberry

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bosch Finest Snack Concept Fruitees Fresh Roe Deer & Cranberry

Healthy dog treats with fresh roe deer (20%) 
Produced in Germany
Certified premium producer in Baden-Wuerttemberg

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Extremely Tasty | Single Protein Meaty, fruity snack | Semi-moist | Without added sugar & flavourings | Grain-free* | Ideal as a training reward

Product details

bosch Finest Snack Concept Fruitees Fresh Roe Deer & Cranberry healthy dog treats are tasty, juicy mini bone shaped treats with 20 % fresh roe deer as the only source of protein. It is a healthy delicious treat for your dog, and perfect for the optimal training of your dog at every opportunity.

bosch Finest Snack Concept Fruitees fresh Roe Deer & Cranberry healthy dog treats are produced with Lingonberries that provide natural, plant-based antioxidants, and has a residual moisture of 28 % as a semi-moist supplementary food and therefore have a soft consistency that your dog is sure to love.

Thanks to the practical, re-sealable ‘Soft-Lift-Cup’, the Fruitees remain fresh and soft, right up to the last bite.

Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

10/12/19 Household favourite
"3 fussy toy poodles often makes it difficult to find something they all enjoy. These treats are loved by all 3. They are a brilliant size for training." 

6/10/19 | ideal for training
"My 10 week labradoodle puppy loves these, they are small enough to make it a treat but big enough to be a reward for good behaviour. Not caused any upset tummy so will definitely will continue to buy these as part of her training." - Tania 

26/04/17 | Perfect
"Healthy and very palatable. My dog loves them. They were recommended by my canine education trainer who says that all the dogs she works with absolutely love them. They don't have any colorants in them, they don't crumble in your pockets. They are the perfect size for training." - Celia 

29/04/15 | Perfect training treat!
"Just getting back into training and searching for a low cost but quality treat that isn't full of nasties! These are absolutely spot on! Perfect small size for doing training with, the dogs seem to absolutely love the taste! My pup has a bit of a sensitive tummy and most treats give her a very poorly tummy after a few but so far she's tolerated these really well!" - Sarah


Potato protein, potato (dried), potato starch, fresh roe deer (8 %), peas (dried), cranberry (dried, 4 %), pea protein, cellulose fibres, sodium chloride.

More product details

When you are training a dog, positive reinforcement of good behavior is a key strategy for success. Bosch Fruitees healthy dog treats are designed with dog training in mind, being both the ideal shape and size for a tasty reward. The little bone-shaped snacks can be eaten up quickly, without distracting the dog for too long from the matter in hand.

  • Ideal for positive reinforcement of good behaviour in your dog, particularly as part of formal training
  • Mini-Bone shape: Designed to be eaten quickly so that the dog is not distracted from the training task
  • 20% meat from premium poultry, venison or pheasant
  • Semi-moist: Soft consistency means dogs are unlikely to reject the snacks, and they love the taste
  • No grain*: easy to digest and also great for dogs with allergies

Top quality. Exclusive use of high quality, largely regional ingredients free from chemical flavours, colourings and GMOs.

Flavour protection. Thanks to special Fresh Pack to protect flavour and freshness.

Our feeding recommendation

Our feeding recommendation

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8.0 kg 18 g
15.0 kg 30 g
35.0 kg 55 g


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