Lila Loves It Premium Paw Scissors

Lila Loves It Premium Paw Scissors

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At a glance

For cutting and trimming of paw fur

High quality scissors for the paw fur

With special grinding for cutting, trimming and optimal control

Made with love in Germany

Size: Approximately 10.5cm

Product details

Good scissors are especially important in dog care. They must be of high quality, fit well in the hand and give a precise feeling when used. Nobody wants to hurt their dog – the perfect cut is a piece of active health protection!

Long paw fur should be shortened regularly to prevent matting and dirt accumulation in the paw, which can be painful for the dog.

The LILA LOVES IT PAW SCISSORS enable precise and safe cutting of the paw fur. A micro serration prevents the fur from slipping away when grooming the paws.

The PAW SCISSORS is another sustainable quality product from the LILA LOVES IT brush collection that impresses with its function and durability.

Recommendation: The perfect complement for healthy paws is the LILA LOVES IT paw care.


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