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brioPets carries a range of Sanabelle’s cat food for sensitive or allergic cats. We offer various pet food products crafted by nutrition experts from curated brands. These contain natural solutions that are tailor-made for your pet, providing excellent follow-up nutrition alongside a vet prescription diet.

When it comes to choosing the right dry or wet food for your feline, it's important to look out for certain ingredients. Look out for natural proteins, minimal carbohydrates (avoid fillers), fish oils for your cat's skin, a healthy fat source, and a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Best Hypoallergenic Cat Food for Adult Cats

The Sanabelle Sensitive Poultry cat food is suitable for adult cats over one-year-old.

If your cat has a food allergy, it's important to identify the ingredients that it is allergic to. The most common meat and carbohydrate allergies that cats have are beef, wheat, soy, and dairy products. Hypoallergenic pet food such as Sanabelle Sensitive Poultry uses poultry as their primary source of protein to serve as an alternative for cats that are prone to allergic reactions. It can ease food intolerance and allergies while relieving auto-immune disorders and chronic nutritional deficiency.

Sensitive Poultry contains 30% fresh poultry and liver, and has a high nutrient density that helps reduce the daily food intake your cat needs. This unique recipe of hypoallergenic dry cat food is formulated to help boost your cat's immune system and prevent allergic reactions using food as medicine. This pet food is also tasty and easy to digest.

Sensitive Poultry features rice, an easy-to-digest carbohydrate and is rich in salmon oil, a rich source of essential omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids work with zinc chelate and linseeds to ensure healthy skin and coat. This product is also gluten-free to prevent possible allergic reactions.

Best for Cats with Allergies

Sanabelle Sensitive Lamb is another great choice for sensitive and allergy-prone cats. Cats are just as susceptible to food allergies as humans.

That's why hypoallergenic cat foods, such as Sanabelle Sensitive Lamb, use lamb as an alternate option for cats with sensitive stomachs. It is made up of 30% lamb, poultry, and liver with high nutrient density; formulated with the results of pioneering research of over 50 years in natural nutrition for cats.

Best for Cats with Grain Allergies

Sanabelle’s Sensitive line also offers a No-Grain with Poultry option. This is perfect for cats that are allergic to grain. This delicious dry cat food was developed for cats with extremely sensitive digestive tracts.

A lot of cats react badly to grain; they experience digestion difficulties or non-efficient metabolism, which can lead to diarrhea and other allergic symptoms. Also, the combination of fish oils and zinc chelate in Sanabelle no-grain helps to support healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Sanabelle No Grain’s formula uses potatoes as the primary source of carbohydrates. With the use of a therapeutic cat food diet and ingredients with medicinal benefits, Sanabelle can support a longer life for your beloved cat.

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