Lila Loves It Double-Sided Dog Brush
Lila Loves It Double-Sided Dog Brush

Lila Loves It Double-Sided Dog Brush

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At a glance

Handmade with great care in the Black Forest, in one of the last brush manufacturers in Germany

For all rounded grooming of dogs

Oiled beech wood – made from regional, sustainable forestry

Easily removes dirt, detangles the fur and gives the coat a silky shine

FSC Certified

Product Details

LILA LOVES IT’S DOUBLE-SIDED DOG BRUSH is optimally suited for grooming with its two different sides.

The rounded metal bristles glide effortlessly through long or medium fur and untangle it. The second side of natural pig bristles gives a medium and short coat a silky shine. 

Overall, the brush does not only groom the fur and remove dirt, but it also has a massage effect on the skin and thus promotes blood circulation.

Thanks to the particularly high quality, the metal pins do not slip back into the cushion even under heavy load, or cannot be easily pulled out.

The DOUBLE-SIDED DOG BRUSH is another sustainable quality product from the LILA LOVES IT brush collection that impresses with its function and durability.


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