Lila Loves It Calming Pillow Spray
Lila Loves It Calming Pillow Spray
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Lila Loves It Calming Pillow Spray

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Effectively calms and soothes with Lavender fragrance

Provides relaxation

Helps in stressful situations

Neutralises bad odours

Made with love in Germany

At a glance

100% natural essential oils | Designed to improve your pets’ well-being

Product Details

CALMING PILLOW SPRAY – for a pleasant fragrance and a relaxed dog. The PILLOW SPRAY calms your dog with a soothing fragrance and ensures healthy well-being. The essential oils of the spray are purely natural and give your dog a relaxing balance, which he needs, for example, in stressful situations in the car, at the vet or under heavy stress. Your dog will find peace and relaxation. Simply apply to the basket, the blanket or furniture and the CALMING PILLOW SPRAY ensures a relaxed atmosphere of wellbeing.

Lavender oil from Provence soothes with the power of its essential oils. In aromatherapy, the scent is used for nervous restlessness and exhaustion, difficulty falling asleep and depressed moods. Recent studies show that lavender oil has anxiolytic, antidepressant and calming properties. The stress level and pain perception are influenced favorably, the sleep quality is improved. Lavender oil acts on nerve messengers, which are a body’s sedative and thus have a natural harmonizing effect.

This makes the CALMING PILLOW SPRAY a real “relaxation – must have”.

Not suitable for cats!

The PILLOW SPRAY is another sustainable quality product from the LILA LOVES IT collection that impresses with its function & quality. Inspired by passionate commitment to the power of natural science and medicinal knowledge, LILA LOVES IT animal care products are the epitome of natural, organically & sustainably grown ingredients in combination with innovative medicine. They are formulated by a team led by SENIOR veterinarians, pharmacists and laboratory experts, based in Munich Germany since 2013.


CALMING PILLOW SPRAY is not to be applied on your pet. The spray should be exclusively used on your pet’s basket, bed, blanket or pillow. The spray should not be used near an open flame and should not be used on plastic (such as transport boxes). Maintain a distance of 20 cm when spraying.

Not suitable for cats!

Shelf life: Use within 12 months after opening.


Aqua Purificata, Alcohol, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil


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