Lila Loves It Long Hair Brush With Handle

Lila Loves It Long Hair Brush With Handle

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For easy grooming of long fur

Rounded wooden pins gently detangle long hair and remove dirt

Connective tissue and muscles receive a relaxing massage

Handmade with great care in the Black Forest, one of the last brush manufacturers in Germany 

Oiled beech wood – made from regional, sustainable forestry

FSC Certified

At a glance

Glides smoothly through the fur | Comfortable and easy to use 

Product details

Our LONG HAIR BRUSH WITH HANDLE is made of oiled beech wood. The rounded wooden pins glide gently through long dog hair, whether straight or curly. 

The brush is particularly gentle on the dog’s skin. The wooden pins gently massage the connective tissue and stimulate blood circulation. Regular brushing promotes beautiful, healthy fur and strengthens the bond between dog and human. 


Brush the coat with gentle pressure in the direction of coat growth, weekly or daily depending on the dog’s needs. Preferably in a relaxed setting.


The SHAMPOO SHINE & COMB nurtures the coat of longhaired dogs with aloe vera and argan oil. Mild sugar surfactants dissolve even stubborn dirt without irritating the skin. Hydrates depleted fur. Shine and resilience thanks to the most nutritious ingredients from nature.


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