PeeWee™ EcoBasic Red/White

PeeWee™ EcoBasic Red/White

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Available in 3kg 

Made in Sweden

At a glance

Extremely absorbent | Specially designed for small animals | 100% natural and biodegradable | 82% reduction in bacteria | Neutralises the smell of ammonia | No leaves or bark | No scents, glues, binding agents or other chemicals

Product Details

PeeWee wood pellets are made of pure wood shavings from Swedish-grown Norwegian spruce and Scots pine with no bark or leaf. The wood shavings are by-products of FSC-approved forestry in northern Sweden, where trees grow more slowly due to the cold, creating a special wood structure − the structure to which the PeeWee pellets owe their specific properties. 

PeeWee wood pellets are safe for small pets and people alike. The wood shavings are compressed into pellets in a unique process without the use of glue or any chemical additives. That makes PeeWee pellets 100% natural and 100% sustainable. In addition, the pellets are impervious to mould and frost. 

The PeeWee Eco Wood Litter 3kg is specially designed for smaller pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and hamsters. The wood pellets are smaller as compared to the regular PeeWee Eco Wood Litter for small animals.

The wood shavings and pellets don't stick to paws; that's better for your pet and rids your home of soiled cat litter dust! PeeWee wood pellets have the unique characteristic of neutralising the smell of ammonia and absorbing considerably more moisture than any other cat litter on the market − up to 15 times their own volume! 


Set a layer of pellets in the top tray not exceeding the 2 cm mark. 

If the tray contains wood pellets exceeding the recommended 2cm mark, more wood pellets will be soiled.Besides being wasteful, the wood pellets in the top tray will not stay clean. Hence, the litter box system will not work optimally.

Choose sustainable, choose PeeWee.


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