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How Good is Natural Cat / Small Animal Litter?

Ever wondered about the benefits of using natural cat or small animal litter? Read on to find out how PeeWee Eco Wood Litter is not only natural and sustainable, but also highly absorbent and odour-eliminating. We’ve even done up a cost savings chart so you can compare the difference of using this natural litter!

Naturally Scented

Artificially and chemically scented products may pose a certain health risk for both humans and pets. In Singapore, domestic pets are mainly kept indoors with air-conditioning turned on for either most of the day, or at least during sleep time. By identifying the living habits in Singapore, the knowledge for artificially and chemically scented products have become even more important for pet owners.

Chemically scented products are prone to cause bouts of headaches and migraines or flu-like symptoms, such as sneezing and watery eyes, which can be found in both humans and animals. These symptoms are more likely to appear in pet owners and pets with allergies and sensitivities and may even be the cause of them. In the long run, chemically scented products may cause irreversible health risks, especially to the upper respiratory system - the nostrils, nasal cavity, mouth, throat, and voice box.



PEEWEE Eco Wood Litter smells just like wood. Pure Wood! You might even feel that it smells exactly like the wood smell which permeates throughout the whole of IKEA. If so, you are definitely not far off from the mark. PEEWEE’s Wood Litter emanates a rich coniferous fragrance, stemming from the vast amount of spruce which populates up to 70% of trees in Sweden. The gentle whiff of nature’s and soothing earthly scent eludes any form of sensory overload for pet owners with a heightened sense of smell.

Odour Control

PEEWEE Eco Wood Litter has a natural ability to neutralise the smell of ammonia. It has been proven to keep cats, small animals and their litter boxes free of any undesirable odour. To achieve the best effect, we highly recommend using a litter tray with double layer systems.

Here is how the PeeWee Eco Wood Litter Works:

PeeWee Eco Wood Litter has also been clinically proven to reduce bacteria in your pet’s litter box by 82%. Hence PeeWee will not only keep your the unwanted odours under control, but it also ensures a hygienic and safe environment for both pet owners and pets.

Highly Absorbent

Next, the sawdust of the Swedish trees (which the PEEWEE Eco Wood Litter is made from) is highly absorbent and exceptionally effective in keeping our pets’ paws dry & clean. PeeWee wood litter instantly absorbs the urine, and will later disintegrate as the cat scratches and the loose sawdust falls through the holes of the top tray into the bottom tray, making cleaning up simple.


Unlike other wood pellets, PEEWEE Eco Wood Litter does not contain any leaves or bark remnants. No additional ingredients are added during the production process; no scents, glues, binding agents or other chemical nasties. The sawdust is simply compressed under very high pressure which prevents the pellets from rotting. PeeWee Eco Wood Litter is dust-free, making it suitable for pets and their owners who are more prone to dust or have existing allergies. With the high compressed wood litter, cats and rabbits will not be tracking dust all over the house after using the litter box.



Most other cat litter pellets are made of clay which contains dust, which will be released into the air when filling the cat litter tray. The dust ingested by the pet and their owners can have harmful effects on their health in the long run.

Saving Space

Given how absorbent and long-lasting PEEWEE Eco Wood Litter is, one bag goes a long way (Refer to the table below for price comparison). Pet owners will no longer need to hoard multiple bags of cat litter over long periods of time to ensure an adequate amount of stock for your pet. It is definitely a plus point as the majority of Singaporeans stay in a HDB or condo unit, and space is always an issue.

Eco-friendly & Sustainable

Lastly, PEEWEE Eco Wood Litter is 100% natural and biodegradable. The raw material of the pellets is made from the sawdust of carefully sourced Swedish trees, with no added ingredients. Other cat litter pellets are often made from non-biodegradable clay which is harmful to the environment.

For small animals, most recycled newspaper litter pellets tend to be on the dustier side, and they generally are poor at odour control with low absorbency rate. In most scenarios, the owner will need to change the litter more regularly, hence using more litter pellets in the same period of time, making it less environmentally friendly. The litter box will also be more prone to  (and the litter box will start smelling by the end of the day and start attracting bugs!).



With everyone getting more conscious of our environmental impact as well as carbon footprints, PeeWee is definitely a top choice as it can be composted (together with your pet’s fecal matters) straight into the ground or at composting locations! Let’s try to ensure a positive pet-keeping habit for all pet owners, non-pet owners ☺

Cost Savings

Now that we have touched base on PEEWEE's benefits, we are breaking down the price factor and cost savings.

As PeeWee Eco Wood Litter is far more absorbent and has better odour control, most owners will find that they do not need to change/replace their pet’s litter as often.

Cost Savings – For medium-sized cats 


PeeWee Litter

Tofu Litter


9kg /14L



2.5 Months

1 Week

Bags needed per year


5 bags

48 bags

Cost per bag

SGD 22.40

SGD 7.50

Cost per year

SGD 112

SGD 360 

COST SAVINGS of $248/year!!

Cost Savings – For small animals


PeeWee Litter

Recycled Newspaper Litter


9kg /14L



4-6 Months

2-3 Months

Bags needed per year


2-3 bags

4-6 bags

Cost per bag

SGD 22.40

SGD 27.50

Cost per year

$44.80 - $67.20

$110 - $165

COST SAVINGS  of $65.20 - $97.80/year!!

*Subjected to the frequency of which the litter is changed, the amount of urine your pet produces, and your pet’s peeing habits.

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