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12 Days of Christmas - 40% off Major Brands

Briopets would like to start off this article by wishing a Merry Merry Christmas Eve! You may have thought that festive celebrations by briopets are completed but no we are not!

We are continuing the holiday celebrations by bringing you even more promotions and discounts from Christmas all through to the new year. Prices are getting discounted even more so than 11.11 & 12.12, discounted range of pet supplies are much more extensive than Black Friday. So pawrents we hope that you are ready!



12 Days of Christmas, 6 Major Pet Supplies Brands, 3 Pet Categories and only 24 hours for you to snatch it up before the prices revert back.



25th Dec: PeeWee Eco Wood Litter


100% natural and biodegradable litter made from Swedish spruce and free of added fragrance. PeeWee eco wood litter is clinically proven to reduce bacteria by 82%. Pawrents will find 0% urine odour and a dust-free & fresh house with the instant absorption and disintegration of PeeWee eco wood litter.



26th Dec: All Lila Loves It Shampoos 


LILA LOVES IT shampoos place your furkids on the red carpet to stardom. All LILA LOVES IT Shampoo - Silver, Sensitive, Shine and Comb are on sale at 40% off for 24 hours only!




World’s Finest Hay exclusively grown at Diamond Valley. Warm days & cool nights are ideal for slow growth, perfect for highly nutritious, pure, aromatic & tasty hay. Massive 40% off Timothy Gold Hay, Timothy High Fibre, Alfafa Hay & Mountain Grass for 24 hours only!


28th Dec: All Sanabelle Cat Treats & Snacks 



Gourmet cat snacks & treats with health benefits. 40% off all Sanabelle cat treats & snacks for 24 hours only!




29th Dec: All bosch Dog Treats


Reward your furkid with the absolutely delicious, irresistible, semi-moist healthy snack with no sugar, flavourings or colourings. Bosch’s snacks & treats are easy to digest and also great for dogs with food allergies or are on an exclusion diet. For 24 hours only, 40% off bosch’s Finest Snack Concept & Country Meat Snacks.






30th Dec: American Pet Pellets


Food as medicine, American Pet pellets effectively boost immunity, steering clear of Gastrointestinal disorders that small animals are prone to. All American Pet’s Timmy & Alffy Pellets for Rabbit, Chinchilla & Guinea Pig are at 40% off!



31st Dec: Canada Litter


World-class clumping cat litter high above the rest in quality & effectiveness. Canada Litter is long-lasting with each 6kg bag lasts up to 4 weeks. Canada Litter comes in 3 different types - Unscented, Baby Powder & Lavender. All 3 types are at 40% off on 31st December only!



1st Jan: bosch Soft Range


Bosch soft range is suitable for mini, adult and senior dogs with food intolerance & allergies. Each flavour consists of only one single protein, made into soft & moist gourmet kibbles delighting fussy eaters and dogs with bad teeth. 40% off the entire bosch soft range!



2nd Jan: LILA LOVES IT Brushes

LILA LOVES IT brushes are made with great care in the black forest, in one of the last brush manufacturers in Germany. All brushes handles are made from oiled beechwood, sourced from regional, sustainable forestry. 40% off all brushes: Brush Cleaner, Double Sided Dog Brush, Long hair with Handle, Puppy Brush, Brush Longhair & Brush Shorthair.


3rd Jan: Sanabelle Dry Cat Food


Food as medicine. Sanabelle dry cat food is dedicated to natural nutrition as preventive medicine for all cats. The longevity from Sanabelle sets a whole new standard in cat nutrition. 40% off all Sanabelle dry cat food!




4th Jan: bosch HPC Range


Food as medicine. Prevent, arrest and reverse dog prone illnesses. Bosch’s HPC range is a balanced, dry dog food specially developed to meet the nutritional needs of dogs with normal activity levels. The entire bosch HPC range will be at 40% off on 4th Jan only!



5th Jan: Lila Loves It - Ear, Eye and Dental care

The world’s most advanced natural medicine for your furkid’s ears, eyes and teeth. LILA LOVES IT products completed the certification for the NPS-Label (Natural Product Standard) and are safe for use even for pawrents. The very last day of briopets’ 12 days of Christmas, 40% off ear, eye and dental products!




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