Nina Ottosson Dizzy
Nina Ottosson Dizzy
Nina Ottosson Dizzy
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Nina Ottosson Dizzy

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Interactive reward-based game for your dog 

Size: 12.7 x 12.7 x 10.2 cm

Designed in Sweden

Hours of Occupying & Stimulating | Fill with Treats/Kibbles

Product Details

The Dog Dizzy is perfect for occupying and stimulating dogs, as each time the dog moves or knocks the Dizzy it is rewarded by the release of food! The Nina Ottosson Dizzy is an interactive pet toy that suits all ages and sizes of dogs, even young pets! The games can be used by dogs of all sizes, and also by cats, parrots, rabbits, and other small animals. You can tie a string on to the blocks or flaps if they have difficulty gripping them. Other than that, size is not really an issue.

Engage in hours of fun interactive play with your best friend! The Nina Ottosson Dizzy is great for preventing boredom, mental exercise, is anti-anxiety, helps with behaviour management, and prevents and reduces weight problems. It will soon be your dog’s favourite toy! The games will further help strengthen your bond with your dog. 

Dogs as well as humans need a certain amount of activity. But it is important to find a balance of activity and inactivity, so that the dog does not get stressed by under- or over-activity. Walking is a great activity, but dogs also need mental stimulation. All dogs need to use their head sometimes in order to feel good, and some dogs have a greater need than others. If they do not get to channel their energy into an organised activity, they can sometimes create their own “fun”, which is not always appreciated by fur parents, such as chewing on things, or just get hyperactive. At the same time, it is important to just be still and wait while we stand and talk to someone, or just lie next to us on a bench and watch dogs and people walk by without reacting. Activation of your dog can be anything from tracking in the woods to obedience training, learning different tricks, or hiding treats or a toy to find in a room. The Nina Ottosson Dizzy interactive toy is a perfect way to activate your pet and engage it mentally. 

This interactive reward-based dog toy / game is developed with the dog’s natural movements and instincts in mind. It is also easy to use, veterinary approved, durable, anti-slip and easy to clean, it is dishwasher safe.

This Nina Ottosson toy is made of colourful and stable plastic and can be used with both wet and dry food. It is great for dogs who drool a lot, or when the games are used for more than one dog. This means that you can use most of the plastic games to make “doggie ice cream”: Mix some meaty dog food with water, pour some of the mixture in the compartments, put the game in the freezer and let it set. This is perfect for hot days or when the dog needs some extra activity.

Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

18 April 2013 Another Great Activity Toy

"Whilst this looks simple and easy, the fact that it is heavily weighted, makes it more of a challenge for your canine friend.

My two dogs are quite adept with their other activity toys, but both of them are finding this one a bit harder work. Maisy, the small Border Collie X seemed to get quite tired! She mainly used her paw to it. Amber the bigger Mongrel, was also a bit more challenged than with the other feeders we have. No bad thing, as it slowed down the eating and made them think a bit more.

The entry hole for the food is not that big, so it will depend on the brand of kibble you buy whether or not it will go through the hole! It does not unscrew in half for filling. It is one molded unit. It is no good forcing the kibble in through the hole, as the poor dog will not be able to get it out. The food has to be able to drop out whilst being rolled.

This activity toy is well made and of a plastic that does not make a lot of noise when knocked into the skirting boards! Bonus!!! It is quite robust, but of course that will depend on your type of dog and how it treats its things. In any event, these things should not be left with your dog unsupervised, these activity toys are not indestructible. Unless, having watched it being used a lot by your dog, you know without doubt, that your friend will not be able to chew it up and will be safe.
Given its weight, it may not be suitable for a toy dog like a Chihuahua, Papillon, Yorkshire Terrier etc. 

UPDATE - 1 Aug 2015
Well, this activity toy is still going strong. It is used regularly by both "Amber" and "Maisy" both in the house and also in the garden. "Amber" is a bit clumsy and many is the time it has been knocked down the back-stone steps. It is really robust and gives lots of fun.- Chris


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