Cateco® Aerator Replacements (2 pack)

Cateco® Aerator Replacements (2 pack)

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Optimises air and moisture flow.  

Available in pack of 2 units

Product of Canada
Designed for Cateco® | Allows for optimum air and moisture flow

Product Details

A vital component of the Cateco® Litter Box’s Convactive™ technology, the Aerator is designed to keep litter in the Cateco®’s upper section while letting air and moisture flow.

Each pack contains two units.

Use these replacements in the unlikely event that you need to replace a damaged Aerator or if you simply want to make your Cateco® Litter Box like new! 

With Cateco it is Puuuurrrfect!

More Cuddles | Less Troubles | Huge Savings in cost and time

Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"They work really well. I have three cats and two Cateco litter boxes and it has made all the difference killing odors." - Louise Lalonde

02/12/16 | Time saver!
"Saves me time instead of cleaning it every few months. There are 2 aerators in the box!"


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