Buy 1 Get 1 FREE - bosch HPC SOFT Adult Chicken & Banana 2.5kg
bosch HPC SOFT Adult Chicken & Banana
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, bosch HPC SOFT Adult Chicken & Banana

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE - bosch HPC SOFT Adult Chicken & Banana 2.5kg

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bosch High Premium Concept Soft Adult Chicken & Banana

Soft kibbles with fresh chicken (60%)
Produced in Germany
Certified premium producer in Baden-Wuerttemberg


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At a glance

Extremely Tasty | Soft Moist Kibbles | Single Protein | Grain-free | For nutritionally sensitive adult dogs with food intolerance & allergies

Product details

bosch SOFT Adult Chicken & Banana is a single protein and grain-free recipe. This specially formulated dry dog food is balanced and has healthy nutrition. It is particularly suitable for adult dogs with dietary intolerances, or as an exclusion diet.

With fresh chicken (60%) as the sole animal source of protein bosch SOFT Adult Chicken & Banana offers your beloved dog valuable animal protein, energy and nutrients.

The soft kibble with 19% moisture content offers not only high digestibility, but also spectacular taste experience, with a high acceptance rate even amongst fussy dogs.


Fresh chicken (60%), plantain (dried, 9%), potato flour, potato starch, potato protein, peas (dried), pea fiber, hydrolysed protein (vegetarian), poultry fat, chicory powder (0.25%), psyllium seeds, yeast (dried, incl. 0.04% beta glucans), glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, yucca (dried).


Meat content/proportion of animal-based protein: 60.00%
Proportion of animal-based protein to total protein: 66.30%

Even with the utmost care in the manufacture and packaging of our products, traces of other animal protein sources or (gluten-containing) cereals cannot be completely excluded.

More product details

Potato is a source of high-quality carbohydrate, is easily digestible, and  serves as a source of energy to transport nutrients to the blood stream repairing and renewing damaged cell/tissue. Chicory and psyllium help to support a balanced gut flora and optimise the absorption of all vital nutrients.

The balanced recipe with a special mix of vitamins, minerals and trace elements makes this the ideal food for your dog. It promotes healthy growth and development of important organ functions and a strong immune system. Pamper your dog gently with a delicious food that also offers essential nutrients!

Top quality. Exclusive use of high quality, largely regional ingredients free from chemical flavours, colourings and GMOs.

Flavour protection. Thanks to special Fresh Pack to protect flavour and freshness. 

Our feeding recommendation

Our feeding recommendation

Optimal weight of your dog

Gram per day

2.5 kg 60 g
5.0 kg 100 g
7.5 kg 135 g
10.0 kg 165 g
12.5 kg 195 g
15.0 kg 225 g
17.5 kg 250 g
20.0 kg 280 g
25.0 kg 330 g
30.0 kg 375 g
35.0 kg 425 g
40.0 kg 465 g
50.0 kg 555 g
55.0 kg 590 g
60.0 kg 635 g

For specific feeding recommendations, please refer to the chart.  These values are intended as a guideline. Individual needs depend on factors such as age, breed, level of activity and the conditions under which your pet is kept. If your pet’s activity level is increased, please increase the amount of feed accordingly.

 Fresh water should always be provided! Please take snack into account when calculating the total feed ration.


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