Bundle of 4 - Canada Litter™ 6kg
Canada Cat Litter Bundle
Canada Cat Litter Bundle
Canada Cat Litter Bundle
Canada Cat Litter Bundle
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Bundle of 4 - Canada Litter™ 6kg

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Bundle of 4 Canada Litter 6kg (4 for $44, U.P. $88)

Absorbs liquids and odours instantly

Available in 6kg bags

Baby powder scented, Lavender scented and Unscented

Designed and manufactured in Canada

UNBEATABLE VALUE | Lasts Twice as Long | Made from Pure Sodium Bentonite | Amazing Instant-Clumping Capabilities | Unrivalled Absorption

Product Details

More demanding situations require better products. Canada LitterTM, with Dual Odour Defence, is specially formulated to reduce odours, especially effective in homes with multiple cats.

With Canada LitterTM, clumps form quickly, making maintenance more efficient. Clumps are also more solid, helping them stay intact during maintenance and leaving remaining litter clean and odour free. Good moisture control helps prevent bacteria proliferation. 

Its Dual Odour Defence technology (baking soda + activated carbon) is a powerful and instant odour neutralizer. Baking soda absorbs moisture while activated carbon inhibits odours. Strong, foul smells do not stand a chance with Canada LitterTM.

Thanks to Canada LitterTM's low dust formula, Canada LitterTM is ideal for people and pets with respiratory issues. 

One bag lasts up to twice as long as the competition. Cats like being clean and self-sufficient. When we can provide our cats the best litter, your cat will enjoy using the litter box.

Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

30/12/19 | No cat smell
"This is the best litter. Clumps well, though heavier than other litter, it seems. The best part of this litter is that even in the same room you don't smell the litter box or the cat waste." - Andrew, USA

02/01/19 "The Canada cat litter is awesome! Easy to clean because everything is in lumps. Worth the bucks!" - Brandon, Singapore

23/02/18 | Great litter! 
"My cat just loves this litter. It's a finer grain of litter and it's not harsh on her paws. It clumps amazingly well and clean up is no issue. I keep 4 inches of litter in her box. She's quite happy with it. 5 paws up from Beatrice, the cat." - Carol Ford, USA

29/10/15 | Truly the best
“How can one get excited over cat litter? Well, once you have tried this one you will too. I have have cats for decades so I am well versed in changing the litter. This product is extrodinary... no dust, clumbs better than the [other brand] product that I have used for years and the price is reasonable. Best of all, my cats took to it immediately.” - Peter Soelch, USA

29/04/15 | Not Your Average “Cat Lady”
"Cats (3) love it - I love the no odor factor. Having had cats all my more than 50 years I can say w/o reservation that this is the first litter I've found that has limited tracking and no odor - EVER! I use 2 side-by-side Clever Cat boxes w/o the top so the sides are very high That, plus the fineness of the "sand" keeps the tracking to a minimum - their paws seem to release any residual product almost immediately. I almost forgot the absolute best feature - NO DUST!!" - Donneine, USA

07/10/14 | Amazing litter!
“Purchased a couple of bags of this litter, and I have to be honest this is the best litter I have ever used. I have 3 cats, and we have used every type of litter , including corn and this product by far is the best. Very little to no smell, and cleans up great. Would highly recommend this product to multiple cat households!" - Tina, Canada

"This is the best cat litter we’ve found. Everything else, highly reviewed litters, stank after just a day or two. Canada Litter takes a loooong time to get to stinky, and clumps great." - BEE 

"This is a great litter, we have four cats and two huge litter boxes, with the Canada Litter there is very little dust and no heavy perfume odour. It really clumps and holds together and costs less than what we have used for the past few years. I really would recommend this to cat owners." - PHILIP  


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